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Student Life

Holy Family School is a Diocesan Catholic School. HFS is small by design and offers a challenging academic program in a caring and nurturing environment. 

The campus consists of ten acres, conveniently located off Pulaski Pike on Beasley Avenue in Huntsville, AL. The school contists of several main buildings, including a gymnasium, soccer/athletic field, and playground.

At HFS, there’s a world to discover outside of the classroom. You will be welcomed and encouraged to join in and try out for many of the activities and organizations found here. These opportunities will help to enrich your learning experience, help to develop you as a leader, and will allow you to experience the sense of community found here at HFS.

The life of the school is permeated with values deemed to be crucial to the education of our students. Prayer, service, patriotism, responsibility, pride, and school spirit are integral aspects of HFS value-centered focus.

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